Mobile Web Use has Doubled Since 2009

September 18, 2013

Mobile Website Design Available from Alt Media Studios

Smartphones are becoming the new norm for accessing the internet. The multi-purpose “smartphone” is replacing the old-school one-trick-phones and this change is influencing how Americans view the web. As such, business web pages need to change as well. Here are some things to consider for your business website and why you should have a mobile version:

First, perhaps you have a well-designed site on the web— it looks great on a computer and loads fast. Odds are it’s not so great on a smartphone. Having a specifically designed mobile format for your website will make it load faster and cleaner on a smaller screen. Why is this important? Because when someone is looking up your business on the phone—they are impatient, probably already multitasking, and will NOT want to wait for a page to load. If it takes too long; they will go back and try another site even before your first page loads.

Second, your computer designed webpage probably contains flash and other “unnecessary” icons or images to attract the eye of the viewer. These things clog-up the screen on a smartphone and will make navigation difficult. Sometimes these will even throw-off the layout of the site on a smaller screen making it impossible to find the desired information. Creating a user friendly mobile version allows you to highlight important information that your customers will be searching for—contact, services, pricing. You can have varied navigational tools and links for the two versions of your site which will allow for easier navigation and happier mobile customers.

Third, take a look at your business and customers. If you are the type organization that people want information from immediately and need it fast, then a mobile site is absolutely necessary. Is your business a hotel, restaurant, or bar? Do you deliver food, flowers, or products? Are you in real estate, car sales or ticket sales? Smartphone owners will be visiting you often and will want information fast without all the extra programming in the way.

And finally, nothing shows more professionalism and tells your customers you care more, than improving your business accessibility to better assist them. Providing a mobile version of your website is giving excellent customer service and meeting the needs of a growing portion of your customer population.

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