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Google Partners Connect Event - Subject: Video

Today's livestream Google Partners Connect event was a success! The
subject was pertinent to how video ads can help your business grow.
Missed the event but want to know what it was about? Read below and
catch the livestream here!

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Learning the How, Why and Where of Investing in SEO

If you’re putting content on your website and you are not
accounting for the SEO search engine requirements, you are
shortchanging yourself. There are many small language quirks that
should be addressed and knowing how to target your audience
correctly is key in moving forward and upward in SEO searches.

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Chamber of Commerce Meeting

Tried and true helpful tips in effective selling and marketing were
provided at yesterday's HRCC breakfast meeting.

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What does the latest congressional measure mean for Internet security on your website?

Recently the United States repealed some Internet security rules
which allows internet service providers to store and sell data
related to individual browsing habits. What does this mean to you
as a website owner?

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Don't Use So Many Fonts!

Using an overabundance of fonts in your ads, this month's #designfail to avoid.

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Keystone Home Inspection

Alt Media Studios recently performed a responsive redesign on the
Keystone Home Inspection website

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Americrane & Hoist Corp.

Alt Media Studios designed a new responsive Ecommerce site for
Americrane & Hoist Corp. This was a redesign and consolidation of
several sites into one large site.

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Thousands of Compromised Joomla Websites

Open source content management systems will always be vulnerable to
attacks, whereas if your code is private your site will be far more

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Heights-Hillcrest Chamber of Commerce

This month Alt Media Studios joined the Heights-Hillcrest Chamber
of Commerce to help raise awareness of our certified Google
partnership to businesses in the area. This way they know they have
a local Google Partner who can help them with their online business
and marketing needs. Our 1st meeting was a great chance to get to
know other members.

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Google Partners Connect: Real Estate

On March 15, 2017, Alt Media Studios co-hosted an event with Google
on the topic of digital marketing for the real estate industry.

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7 "Must Haves" For Your Company Website

Here are 7 things that you should make sure are included in your
company website.

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Why You Should NOT Use a DIY Website Builder

While you may want to save money, DIY website builders may not be
the way to do that. Here are some reasons to avoid them.

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Avoid Bad Kerning In Your Ads

Bad kerning ruins good ads! Don't be a #designfail this year.

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In 2017, Look for These Trends in Digital Marketing and Video Content

It’s a new year, and that means considering how your business can
continue to market itself using video content and other forms of
marketing in 2017. We at Alt Media Studios are proud of our
position at the forefront of digital marketing. These are the
developments we anticipate over the coming year.

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Mobile Sites and Your Marketing Strategy

Ever since April of 2015, Google has been pushing for site owners
to make sure their sites are mobile-friendly. This has required an
adjustment in the way we analyze marketing data. Read more here...

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Terry Bork

Terry Bork is a Lifelong Athlete Race Team solo rider. Alt Media
Studios created a website to highlight Terry's accomplishments.

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Revolutionize Your 2017 Marketing Strategy!

Although you have probably put forth some effort into marketing
your B2B organization, there are a lot of things you can do
differently. Here are some things to consider.

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Advantages of Paid Online Advertising

While you may have a great business and a great website, you might
not be appearing in the Google search results as highly as you'd
like. Find out how Alt Media Studios can help your business using
paid online advertising.

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What Impact Does HTTPS / SSL Have On Google Search Rankings?

Recently we did a little live testing to see what impact HTTPS has
on Google search, following their recommendations to use HTTPS
earlier this year. Read more about the results here.

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Web Design and The Telephone

The #1 complaint people have about their web designer is that they
can't get them to respond. Why is that?

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EDRICH Products, Inc.

EDRICH Products, Inc. recently had Alt Media Studios perform a
responsive redesign on their website.

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Consolidated Services

Consolidated Services recently had a responsive redesign completed on their website.

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RAM Sensors, Inc.

Alt Media Studios performed a responsive redesign on the RAM
Sensors, Inc. website as well as providing logo and graphic design

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Why Should You Use Video on Your Business Website?

Visual marketing is a powerful tool which increases interactions.
Find out how videos that are informative, and not an obvious sales
push, are very effective at demonstrating the benefits of your
product or services and prompting the viewer to take action.

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NHance Revolutionary Wood Renewal

The NHance Revolutionary Wood Renewal website received a responsive

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