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The How and Why of Data Science in Marketing

What is data science and why is it important in your marketing strategy? More importantly, how can you use the data to your benefit? This blog explains.

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GYBO: Special Livestream Workshop - The Highlights

With a very successful turnout, Alt Media Studios hosted our 1st GYBO event of the year. Here are some of the main takeaways from the event!

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Why Think Like a Freak?

Our staff was encouraged to read Think like a Freak. How does thinking outside the box help your business? Here are some takeaways from the reading of this book.

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Google Workshop: Get Your Business Online

On February 21, Alt Media Studios will be hosting a Google workshop to help small businesses succeed on the web.

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New Custom Website for Peter Zaret and Sons Violins

Alt Media Studios is pleased to announce the launch of the newly
designed Zaret and Sons website! Read the details here.

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Search or Display Advertising - Which Provides the Biggest Return?

Factors to consider when deciding which is ideal for your business and which would result in the most conversions.

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Website Redesign for Ultimutt Inn & Pet Resort

The Ultimutt Inn & Pet Resort has a redesigned and mobile friendly
website, built by Alt Media Stuidos.

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WUI Plant Services

WUI Plant Service's new custom website from Alt Media Studios takes
their brand to a new level!

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Seaway Bolt

We recently redesigned the Seaway Bolt website to give it a fresh look and make it mobile friendly.

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Pete and Pete Container Service, Inc.

We recently launched the new Pete and Pete website, custom built to
include purchasing that varies by zip code.

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Sedlak Interiors

Alt Media Studios has launched the improved Sedlak Interiors

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Do I have full editing capabilities for my website?

Frequently asked questions about the access and editing capabilities you have with your website.

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Google Partners Connect Event: Theme - Mobile

Today's Google Partners Connect event hosted by Alt Media Studios saw our biggest turnout yet! The importance of mobile websites and mobile advertisements was the main topic. Why so important?

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Grow Your Business Online: Reach More Customers This Holiday Season

Today we hosted Google's presentation of "Reach More Customers This Holiday Season". Below are helpful notes and tips from industry experts we'd like to share with you!

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Is PPC Worth the Cost for Your Company?

While you may be hesitant at first, the reasons you should consider PPC marketing are numerous. Here are just a few that you should consider when you’re looking for a new SEO or marketing plan.

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The Underestimated Value of PPC Paid Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is too often considered a marketing
model that is too expensive or ineffective as a selling tool, but
proper knowledge of the technique’s benefits might show that it is
exactly what you need if you’re seeking better online promotion and
qualified leads at a cheaper price.

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10 SEO Trends Webmasters and Website Owners Cannot Ignore

Search engine optimization is constantly changing, meaning website owners have to make adjustments to be ahead of their competitors. Google is always getting smarter with many algorithm updates being made.

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Accelerating Growth: Winning New Paid Search Clients

This week Steve DiFranco and I had the privilege of traveling to Google's NYC office to attend a very helpful and relevant 1-day seminar. Below are just some of the things we took away to make us better equipped to serve our clients, with Google's help!

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Alt Media Studios is an Indium partner

Alt Media Studios is thrilled to announce a partnership with Indium, an insurance market access company out of Columbus, Ohio!

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Warner Search Group

Alt Media Studios recently performed a redesign on the Warner
Search Group website.

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SEO Tips to Place Your Website on Top in Search Results

Alt Media Studios brings you SEO pro tips to help rank your website
on top in search results.

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The Cavs Have A New Logo & We Love It

The Cleveland Cavaliers have a new shield logo for the 2017-18
season and we loved it so much we decided to play around with our
logo and see what would happen.

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Google Partners Connect Event - Subject: Video

Today's livestream Google Partners Connect event was a success! The subject was pertinent to how video ads can help your business grow. Missed the event but want to know what it was about? Read below and catch the livestream here!

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Learning the How, Why and Where of Investing in SEO

If you’re putting content on your website and you are not accounting for the SEO search engine requirements, you are shortchanging yourself. There are many small language quirks that should be addressed and knowing how to target your audience correctly is key in moving forward and upward in SEO searches.

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Chamber of Commerce Meeting

Tried and true helpful tips in effective selling and marketing were provided at yesterday's HRCC breakfast meeting.

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