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Custom Web Application Development

  • You want to simplify workflow but your company has unique processes and operational quirks. 
  • Your team needs an efficient way to interact with customers online but they also need a quick and reliable way to gather data. 
  • Your customers want to select, pay, and receive their end product directly from your site. 

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These are common reasons why you might turn to an available web application tool. But you’ll quickly find that you’re asking a lot from off-the-shelf options. For targeted solutions you’ll need to work with a web application developer. 

Who Needs a Custom Web Application?

Whatever your business, every company out there deals with convoluted processes, time-wasting tasks, and general inefficiencies – both internal and external. If you’re regularly delivering comprehensive reports or other printable products to clients, that’s a whole other level of complexity. Throw in a remote work model and this is especially true. 

How can you keep everyone on the same page and data flowing freely, regardless of location? A custom web application is the solution but those probably aren’t the first words that spring to mind.

You might initially think “software,” but that’s yesterday’s solution for today’s problem. This is a classic case of ‘you don’t know what you don’t know.’ And it’s no one’s fault – we just don’t hear the term enough to quickly recognize its scope and purpose. But believe us, the sky's the limit when it comes to using custom web applications to solve tricky operational issues.

Why Build a Custom Web Application?

Unlike computer-based software programs, a custom web application runs on a remote server and is available to your team anywhere, at any time. Data is centrally stored and easily accessible so your team stays aligned while updates, maintenance, and security are all enhanced. 

Whether you’re looking to automate one process or the majority of operations, web applications are your golden ticket:

  • Streamline. From payment processing to shipping features and inventory management, a robust, custom-made web application can consolidate business operations and project your company to further growth. 
  • Synchronize. Make internal scheduling and data sharing more reliable with a web application that requires only a compatible web browser to access and run. 
  • Save money. Instead of a gallery of web applications that only address a few needs and don’t integrate well, dedicate funds to one specialized solution. 
  • Save time. Using a web app to automate otherwise tedious and time-consuming tasks can free up employees to focus on more important work and eliminate redundancy.

We bet your wheels are already turning, imagining countless ways you could shift your day to day. Maybe in the past you’ve told yourself that this is just a futuristic musing because the right application doesn’t exist yet. And you wouldn’t be wrong. But here’s the thing – if you can dream it, then it can most definitely be built. And we’re just the technophiles to do it.

Custom Web Apps – What to Know

A web application built by the AMST development team will incorporate business logic that works best for your organization. It will operate seamlessly across devices while supporting ecommerce solutions and thoughtfully integrating content management systems. This is a next-level way to wrap loose ends into one cohesive picture, to track and manage data, and make the absolute most out of every process.

Maybe you’d like a custom web application to give you a bird’s eye view of your business operations. Or you could want to simplify your customer’s experience. What about doing both, simultaneously? That’s possible too. And in every case you’ll keep things easy to access and use for customers and staff alike. 

Frontend, mobile, backend, cloud services, database and CMS can all be woven into your custom web application and then coded directly into the back end of your website. Internal scheduling, printable PDF reports and certificates – they’ll be available and accessible on-demand. Old solutions were housed in a single location, but web applications are housed online and available anywhere.

We’ve helped our customers find innovative ways to reduce paperwork, automate information exchange, collate data, and create deliverable end products. But we’ve had fun too, with projects focused on team building and wellness. There’s no end to what we can create for you.

AMST Makes the Process Easy

Our programming and tech experts use robust tools to craft an efficient and cost-saving web application that’s built just for your business needs. And because of your application’s proprietary design, future changes are an easy fix. 

So just what is web application development? Here’s our process:

Analyze and Plan. Before getting to work, we’ll first learn about your company and listen to your specific needs. Our team can then set parameters and choose strategic design tactics. We’ll discuss what you’re currently using and how we can do better.

Research and Gather Data. We’ll be precise in our efforts to pinpoint the ideal strategies so that the application we create is the best it can be. This step is vital to ensuring a smooth user experience by thinking through possible issues and building in the solutions. Our experience and intuitive approach come in handy here.

Build the Web Application. It’s time to code and get the technical side right – we’ll take care of everything. This is handled exclusively in-house, never offshored or exported.

Test the Design. Quality assurance is a key part of the process. We’ll run the new web application through a host of tests to evaluate its functionality across an array of variables, ensuring the best user experience. If we find errors or hiccups, this is the time to correct them.

Go Live. Once everything is in place and tests have proven the application’s efficacy, we’ll make it live. Whether it’s being incorporated into your existing site or part of a total site rebuild, this is an exciting moment!

Trust Alt Media Studios, Your Cleveland Web Application Developer

Off-the-shelf software is often cumbersome and ineffective. Search as you may you won’t find a solution that offers the variables you need while also staying nimble and responsive. We know it, our customers know it, and that’s why we’ve developed resources to craft the solution in house.

At Alt Media Studios (AMST) our team of developers can custom design and build applications for every business, in every sector, and for any need – basic to complex. We specialize in designing nuanced, tech-based solutions for common business problems.

Why waste precious resources trying to shoehorn standard apps to fit your business? Work with us to develop a custom web application with a look and feel to match your brand, backed by robust technology to streamline and simplify. Tap into our expertise and get started on a custom project today.

Improving Your Digital Presence is an Adventure. Let us guide you through it.

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