Better Page Speed Performace on a Landing Page

April 16, 2018

Before and after page speed performance

What is page speed?

Page speed is the number of seconds it takes for the content on a web page to load.


Why does page speed matter?

With attention spans becoming shorter and shorter, the longer a page takes to load the more likely it is that someone will give up waiting and navigate away from your website. Google says that most websites lose half their visitors while the page is still loading! Equally important is the news that page speed is now considered a key factor in Google's mobile ranking algorithm - meaning that mobile sites with slow speeds will not rank as high as pages with good page speeds and current rankings will drop if slow page speeds are not improved. This is especially devastating for AdWords campaigns when your ad has caught somebody's attention but potential leads or sales are lost due to long load times. Every second counts! The ideal loading time is three seconds on a 3G connection.


We can help improve your page speed!

We were contacted by the owner of because they are running an AdWords campaign and the bounce rate was extremely high due to very poor page speed, which was over 20 seconds long at the time! They requested that we build a faster landing page for their AdWords campaign.

The team at Alt Media Studios created a new, faster, mobile friendly landing page and was able to bring down the page speed to 3 seconds!

View the original landing page:
View the new, improved landing page:

Test mobile page speed using Google's tool here:


If the page speed on your website is less than ideal, we can help! Contact us for a free consultation.


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