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Is PPC Worth the Cost for Your Company?

October 19, 2017

Is PPC Worth the Cost for Your Company?

If you’re a business owner and you’re looking for ways to capitalize on SEO and digital marketing, then you’re in the right place. Part of the battle of growing your company is making sure your future clientele know that you exist. Marketing in the world today is very different from the past where newspapers and television were all you needed. Now you must have a presence online and you must branch out into the newer forms of digital marketing for you to see the best results.

One form of marketing is the PPC or paid search marketing. While you may be hesitant at first, the reasons you should consider PPC marketing are numerous. Here are just a few of the reasons that you should consider when you’re looking for a new SEO or marketing plan.

You Can Geo-Target Your Customers

While you want to be found in the searches your potential customers make, you want to make sure it is the service area you actually work in. There’s nothing more frustrating for you or your customers than having calls from people miles and miles outside of your service area. By using the Geo-Target option with PPC you can easily specify what areas you do service and which ones you do not. This helps to hone in your SEO marketing strategy as well and keeps the frustration down for missed clients.

Mobile Friendly Advertising

Consider one thing that most people do not leave their home or their living room to go to their kitchen, without. That is their smartphone. They have it everywhere they go. So, whenever a need arises they’re going to look someone up right then and there who provides the goods or services they’re looking for. That is why it is imperative that your advertising is mobile friendly. With PPC you can target your digital marketing to be mobile friendly where it is accessible from any device clients may have.

Allows You to Take Customers from Competitors

Did you know that other competitors can use PPC to bid on your brand name? It’s true! Now you can do that too. Bid on your brand name and steal that opportunity from your competitors. You can make sure that when people are searching for your brand name that they find the real “you” and your company. Make sure that you are beating the competition by taking that option away from their marketing campaigns.

The truth is that PPC value for your company comes down to what you really feel it’s worth. Consider how much of a budget you have to spend on digital marketing and gaining new customers. Take a look at how well your conversion rate is doing. Are you seeing those who click onto your website become actual customers or are they just browsing? How big do you want your company to get? Do you have a “the sky’s the limit” mentality or do you want to stay smaller?

These are all questions you need to answer when it comes to your SEO marketing campaigns. Consider these factors and consider working with Alt Media Studios for your digital marketing needs.

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