Reasons Why Ohio Connect is Becoming Alt Media Studios

Interview With the Owner Regarding Our Name Change

July 6, 2015

Our customers are wondering, "Why change your company name?"  I interviewed the owner of Ohio Connect to answer that question for all our customers' benefit.  Here's his answer...

There are several reasons:

  • I've had people ask us if we do business outside of Ohio.  Its a silly question.  But I wonder, "If people contact us to ask this question, are there people who don't even bother to call and simply assume we don't?".
  • I don't like the way "Ohio Connect" rolls off the tongue.
  • We are doing a lot more in terms of marketing now, so I wanted a name that represents more.
  • Several years ago I acquired the domain name "" and have been working on finding a company name to use around it, hence "Alt Media STudios".  Google loves short domain names, and they are impossible to find nowadays.  Plus this domain name has been around for a while.  So because of this, its going to have long-term SEO benefits for us -- though we'll have a short-term SEO loss more than likely since "" will go away.
  • "ALT" means a few different things.  I've always liked the concept of "height" -- being higher than others.  That also means a lot when you are talking about search engine rankings.  Plus "ALT" is an HTML tag which is used often in SEO.

So its really a lot of different things.  We'll see how it works out.  There's a bit of fear in the change, but not enough to stop us.

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