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Job Openings at Alt Media Studios

The following are available positions at Alt Media Studios. Please submit your resume to careers@amst.com for consideration.

Pay Per Click Analyst

Do you have an aptitude for creating and managing search marketing campaigns? Are you looking for a way to put your skills to use and get paid for doing so? We are always looking for energetic and enthusiastic employees who can help us while we help our clients.

Job Description

As a pay per click analyst, you will be tasked with helping to develop winning internet search marketing campaigns from start to finish. You’ll be there at the beginning, helping to develop the best strategies and winning keyword combinations. What’s more, you’ll help your dream become a reality, putting “pen to paper” and coming up with the most efficient and effective way to help a given client increase their search engine results.

You’ll be responsible for coming up with great keywords, meaning you’ll do the needed keyword research to understand the way different keywords lead to different results within a given industry. When the marketing campaign is launched, you will be responsible for monitoring results, compiling and analyzing data on a continual basis to ensure perpetual results improvement.

As a pay per click analyst, your job won’t be merely to develop and launch marketing campaigns. Rather, you’ll also be responsible for developing your client base to enable you to hit spend and lead goals. And, you’ll continually work to hit a target Cost Per Lead (CPL) goal, meaning you’ll help your client get the most bang out of each and every advertising dollar spent.

You’ll keep an eye on the development of various trends, and identify key areas where improvements will improve the performance of your marketing campaigns. You’ll learn how to compile all your work into simple, intuitive reports so your clients can tell at a glance how effective their advertising dollars are. Finally, you’ll always be improving your own knowledge: learning something every day about the PPC world and the strategies that are most effective therein.

If this sounds like something that appeals to you, please contact us today!

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